Tuesday, February 21, 2012

TWD BWJ - Chocolate Truffle Tartlets

Wow, our second recipe for Baking with Julia and it couldn't be more indulgent! This week we have Chocolate Truffle Tartlets which contain chocolate in almost every form.

First, a chocolate pastry made with cocoa. Next comes a decadent truffle filling made with melted dark chocolate, eggs and sugar. Then it's finished off with a smattering of milk and white chocolate pieces. Can anyone say yum?!

Surprisingly these tartlets aren't over the top in sweetness. A big scoop of creamy vanilla icecream was perfect on top. Still wouldn't want to eat too much though.

I made a full batch of pastry but only used about 2/3 of it to make my 4 tartlets (with a half batch of filling). I rolled the remainder of the pastry out and baked some little biscuits with it. Hubby was a big fan of the tartlets and my 2 littlest taste testers couldn't get enough of the pastry!

Our hosts this week are Steph, Spike, Jaime and Jessica. Thanks for a great pick! You can find the recipe on their blogs under today's date.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

TWD Baking with Julia - White Loaves

This is the first week of the new Tuesdays with Dorie - Baking with Julia, how exciting! We will be baking fortnightly and should have one simple and one more complicated recipe to post each month. With over 300 bloggers baking along this is going to be fun!

So, first up we have White Loaves, chosen by Laurie and Jules.

I have been making bread a lot recently but cheating a bit because I use my breadmaker. I heart my breadmaker! While it makes great bread, of course, it also makes pizza dough and I can turn a basic dough mix into almost anything. Just last week I made cinnamon rolls (no pics sorry) and in the lead up to Easter there will definitely be some fresh hot cross buns too!

It has been a while though since I made a loaf of bread completely from scratch. I had forgotten how easy it is and Oscar loved seeing the dough rising and being punched down and turned into real bread.

This is a very simple recipe and it made 2 absolutely delicious loaves of bread. I stuck strictly to recipe and made 2 plain loaves perfect for sandwiches. We go through a LOT of sandwiches in this house. It froze well too and also made great toast.

All in all a great place to start the new TWD. I hope everyone else had success too! The list of bakers should be up soon on the TWD page.

You will find the recipe on pp81-82 of Baking with Julia by Dorie Greenspan, or Laurie and Jules will have it in their posts due today.
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