How to purchase doTERRA Essential Oils

Purchasing a Wholesale Starter/Enrolment Kit is the most popular and cheapest way to start using dōTERRA Essential Oils.

Here's why:

+ You get 25% – 55% discount on your first + all future orders

+ FREE personal education and support from ME! A mum of 3, naturopathy student and natural health advocate who has turned around years of ill-health with natural medicine

+ NO monthly minimum order + no obligation to sell the oils/create a business

+ Access to world-class resources and education so you can safely and confidently use your oils in your home and around your family.

The Home Essentials Kit 

The Home Essentials Kit is by far the best value way for  you to get started with essential oils, offering natural support from Mother Nature for:

- Emotions (calm kids, happy mama, peaceful family!)
- Sleep
- Stress and mood
- Immune health
- Digestive health
- Respiratory health
- Reducing toxins in the home
- Skincare and personal care
- Seasonal threats
- Every system in the body!

Plus, they smell incredible! 

The kit offers a saving of more than $260 off RRP and includes:

+ 10 essential oils
+ a diffuser 
+ 25% off future purchases
+ Personal customer support from me (including a phone/Skype/in-person Wellness Consultation to get started
+ a welcome pack of goodies and resources
+ online support via private customer Facebook groups

Included in the kit are:

- 15ml = digestive support, respiratory support, cooling, energising, focus, tension, breath freshener, food flavouring (hello peppermint hot chocolate!)

 - 15ml = detoxifying, deodorising, concentration, exhaustion, concentration, add delicious flavour to sweet and savoury dishes, uplift mood and cleanse the air, replace commercial cleaning products for spotless benchtops, stainless steel, sinks and mirrors

 - 15ml = calming, diffuse to promote relaxation and restful sleep, soothe bites and stings, burns and irritated skin

Tea Tree
 - 15ml = cleansing, immune support, air purifying, pest repellent, surface cleaning, great for first aid, cuts and pimples, clean toilets, support ear discomfort

 - 15ml = youthful skin, immune support, grounding, cellular and neural health, inflammation, calming

Easy Air
 - 15ml = Respiratory Blend, respiratory support, congestion, allergies, seasonal threats, snoring, helps promote restful sleep when diffused with lavender at nighttime, suitable for children

 - 15ml = Digestive Blend (for ANY kind of tummy trouble, digestive support, motion sickness, nausea, spews and poos

Ice Blue
 - 5ml = Soothing Blend, support for muscles and joints, muscular tension, aches and pains, use before or after a workout or a long day on your feet

On Guard
 - 15ml = Protective Blend, immune support, environmental threats, air purifying, antioxidant, natural cleanser, super-boost your cleaning sprays - this is my NUMBER 1 OIL

 - 15ml = powerful cleanser, super immune support, antioxidant, great for warts, mould killing, add a single drop to your Italian cooking for great flavour, mega stong!

Petal Diffuser - a cool mist diffuser to safely diffuse the oils to benefit immunity and mood, replace toxic commercial air-freshener products and make your home smell amazing

$560 RRP worth of products for $330

AMAZING right?!

The Essentials Collection

This is a smaller version of the Home Essentials Kit and includes 10 x 5ml bottles + a bonus 15ml Smart & Sassy. You can add a petal diffuser for $58 and a Fractionated Coconut Oil for $16.50 so you can diffuse the oils and safely apply them to your skin.

This kit is $174 + $7.95 postage

* this is a fantastic budget option BUT just keep in mind the Home Essentials Kit gives you 3 times the oil + a free diffuser for less than 2 times the price!*

Nature's Solution Kit

This kit is the ultimate - and I WISH it had been available when I joined! The Nature's Solution Kit includes the entire Home Essentials Kit plus oils to support mood and women's health, to ease aches and pains, congestion and soothe skin blemishes and irritations PLUS hand wash, toothpaste, beadlets and a beautiful wooden box to store your oils in. 

The Nature's Solution Kit is $635 + $79.95 postage, saving you $451 off retail prices and if you then choose to place a monthly order in the Loyalty Rewards Program you will start at 15% back in points (instead of 10) and get 100 rewards points to get you started!! (some terms and conditions apply here)

*If your budget allows this is my number 1 starter kit*

The Emotional Aromatherapy Kit

This kit includes 6 specially chosen oil blends to support our emotions:
Peace, Cheer, Motivate, Console, Forgive and Passion + a Petal diffuser. I recommend adding a bottle of Fractionated Coconut Oil for $16.50 so you can safely dilute and apply the oils to your skin.

You can download a beautiful guide on the oils, their ingredients and how to use them here: 

The Emotional Aromatherapy enrolment kit is $310 + $7.95 postage.

Choose Your Own Adventure

Do you have a specific budget or products in mind? Simply purchase a $35 membership and choose whatever oils and products you like. You still get wholesale prices for 12 months + all the other perks of a wholesale account!

Not sure what to get? Please message me and let's have a chat about all your options.

IMPORTANT - your order will be delivered by Australia Post within 3-7 business days


Australian Starter Kits
Australian 2018 Product Guide

Ready to order and get 25% off?

  • Click this link:
  • Click Join and Save
  • Choose the country and language 
  • Click Local OTG (Australian warehouse, Australian dollar)
  • Choose Wholesale Customer (this gives you oils for personal use at wholesale prices)
  • Enter your contact information 
  • At Enroller ID enter my number: 4025245 (it may already be showing, if not just enter the number and click verify and it will show you my name, Susan Lockhart King - without this I don't know that you have ordered through me and I can't support you)
  • Set yourself up with a password
  • Click over to the next page
  • Select which reduced price starter kit you'd like to order up the top to waive the joining fee (make sure you a bottle of Fractionated Coconut Oil for $16.50 by typing it in the bottom section so you can safely dilute the oils and apply to your skin). If you're not ordering a kit add the $35 membership then type in your products underneath - make sure your order total is over 100PV so you will qualify for the promo next month!
  • Enter payment details and process the order
  • Request access to Our Oily Family - members only customer support
  • Keep an eye out for a welcome email from me loaded with resources to get you up and running when your oils arrive!

Questions? Please text me on 0412 032 731 or send me a Facebook message by clicking the pic below xx

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