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You are our next tribe member if:

+ You are inspired to collaborate with a team of passionate entrepreneurs

+You are creative and curious and not going to settle for the 'status quo'

+ You are a conscious consumer ready to take your low-tox lifestyle to the next level

+ You want to be part of a heart-centred, soul-driven and philanthropic business

+ You have big goals and you're ready to give it all you've got

Let me introduce myself. I'm Susan King, a mum of 3 boys, naturopathy student and passionate essential oils user. I'm also the CEO of my own essential oils business and part of a tribe of thousands of women who are stepping up and committing to a new way of life, health and wealth with doTERRA.


Did you know, the only way to start a doTERRA business is by purchasing some oils, using them and falling in love with them?

That's what I did in December 2016 and I am now happier, healthier and more committed than I've ever been!

Once you have had an experience of the oils (and you will have an incredible experience let me tell you), you will naturally start to share.

When your sister, mum, friend, neighbour, work colleague mentions they are struggling with low energy, lack of sleep, mood, stress, low-immunity, seasonal respiratory issues, digestion you will of course want to say 'hey I've been using essential oils for that exact same thing and I feel amazing, could I give you some to try?'

It's that simple.

You can start your business for as little as $174 (for an Essentials Collection enrollment kit) but most people choose to start with a Home Essentials Kit which includes the top 10 oils every home should have plus a diffuser. It is just $330 (saving you well over $100 on buying the oils individually) and once you have this kit you have everything you need to get started AND you get all your oils for 25% off retail price, which is the same price I pay.

Once you have your oils you can start to share them and earn some dollars back in your pocket or build a business which could replace your income within a few years.

All of this at your own pace though. There are no lock-in contracts or schedules that you need to meet. You set the pace and get stuck in when you're ready.

And remember, doTERRA takes care of all the sourcing, distilling and testing of the oils, the science, the distribution of the oils and the customer service ... all we have to do is share the oils.

I will be notified as soon as you purchase your oils through me and from that moment on, you have personal support from me and my wider team of incredible people.

A doTERRA business is a heart-centred and soul-driven one.

With every oil we purchase we are directly impacting families and communities in more than 20 developing countries around the world PLUS doTERRA's Healing hands Foundation is making significant impact through it's partnerships with organisations like Days for Girls.

It is about connection and building lasting relationships with people.

It's about seeing a new possibility for yourself and taking steps towards your dreams.

Are you ready?? Let's do this!!

To get started you simply need to purchase your oils.

Click here for instructions on how to purchase and I will be in touch to offer info and support, and connect you with our tribe online.

Or if you have questions please text me and we can make a time to chat - 0412 032 731

I can't wait to welcome you!!

Susan x

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