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Well Nourished

If ebooks could look well-read these cookbooks from Well Nourished would be dog-eared and covered in drips and stains. They are my go-to books when I want something easy, healthy and family friendly. I've just about cooked my way through both books and hand-on-heart, they are brilliant! Written by a naturopath and mum of 2 you can count on these recipes to be both nutrient rich and kid-friendly. LOVE.

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I Quit Sugar

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Our journey to wholefoods as a family began back in 2012 when I picked up a copy of the original I Quit Sugar book. Wow what an eye opener!

If like me you think you don't eat each much sugar (but still have honey, dried fruit, cereal, pasta sauce, low fat yoghurt and the like at home) this will blow your mind.

These ebooks prove sugar free food is anything but boring! I personally have and use all these cookbooks (plus more - the Christmas ebook is fantastic!) and they are a great resource when making your own sugar free food seems too hard.

I Quit Sugar Cookbook - DIGITAL
Kids Cookbook Print


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A few years ago I jumped on the green smoothie bandwagon with a vengence, with pretty disastrous results for my IBS. Turns out the protein powders I was using were wreaking havoc on my insides and it wasn't pretty. Enter NutraOrganics Thriving Protein which is not only gentle and easy to digest but delicious and kid-friendly to boot!

My kids love the taste of the Superfoodz for Kids range and it's brilliant for getting some extra nutrition into them, especially during Winter.


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