Essential Oil Testimonials

Hello! It's Susan here,

Over the past 15 months, I've been having incredible results from the oils for everything from my immune and digestive health, to my mood, managing my stress and the kids' behaviour to sleeping better and improving the appearance of my skin.
But I have also been hearing the most incredible personal stories from our customers who’re using essential oils in their lives. 

Maybe you’re still looking at these little brown bottles quizzically and wondering what your ‘Aha’ experience is going to be! 
So we've asked our customers what they love about doTERRA and what experiences they have had - and these were some of the AMAZING responses.

These are regular people just like you and me who have experienced positive changes to their health through these essential oils. 
Perhaps this inspires you to look at them in a new light or finally give them a go!
*** Please note. Due to the wonderful and amazing nature of these testimonials below, it is my responsibility to put a disclaimer around these. These are personal stories only. They are not a diagnosis for you nor a prescription for you. They are 'third party' stories from customers of doTERRA who reached out to share their stories. If you have health concerns then please make sure you consult your Integrative doctor, or Naturopath or Nutritionist. I am just going to leave these personal experiences here.***
Here is one from customer Dante Amato: 
"LET’S TALK ASTHMA ... I wanna get this out of the way first up, I’m not a doctor, this is a story of my personal experience. Please, if you suffer from asthma, chat to your Dr about your treatment plan before you make any changes. Ok, so over the last 10 years, my asthma got pretty bad, I was having 4-5 asthma attacks a month, constantly wheezy, struggled to breath during exercise, I’d wake up in the middle of the night gasping for air, it wasn’t fun.

On top of that I’d catch every respiratory virus going around, was hospitalised twice with a partially collapsed lung, but because I was resistant (personal choice) to medicating myself up to my eyeballs (with daily steroids), I accepted this my life. But things don’t change until they change right??! When I think about how quickly things changed for me, it actually blows my mind, 20 years of suffering asthma to symptom free in 2 weeks.

I let Mother Nature do her thing, and my lungs were able to regain their strength. My immune system stopped trying to attack me and six months on, I’m still symptom free. I did two things ... cut the chemical cleaning crap out of my home, and started using a respiratory blend from doTERRA religiously. I can’t tell you how good it feels turning to a bottle of natures finest essential oils rather than a bucketful of synthetic drugs, just to be able to breath. Can we all take a minute to give Mumma Nature a big frickin' high five."

And these which were left for my friend Alice on Instagram:

And how about these for Salubelle (which you can get for FREE in March by the way!)

Did you spot my personal testimonial in the mix there?!
So let me ask you ... what are you looking to support in yourself or your family? You can see from these powerful testimonials that the oils are quite literally changing lives. Are you ready to see for yourself??
If you have questions please reach out and let's have a chat. You can find me on Facebook or email me at susanking.doterra (at) gmail (dot) com
Or if you know what you want and you're ready to get your first oils at 25% off just follow the instructions below and keep an eye out for a welcome email from me loaded with resources to get you started.
I can't wait to welcome you!
Susan xx
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