Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tuesdays with Dorie: Cottage Cheese Pufflets

TWD time again! Jacque of Daisy Lane Cakes chose Dorie's Cottage Cheese Pufflets this week.

First thought ... what on earth is a pufflet!?? Second thought ... what on earth are they going to look like? Despite reading through the recipe several times I still had no real idea of how these were going to turn out. And now after making them I'm still not sure!

It seems a pufflet is a teeny tiny jam-filled pastry, made from a dough that is quite similar to last week's turnover dough. The main difference was that this dough was the softest, stickiest dough I have ever made! Despite multiple chills in the fridge between every stage it was really hard to manage. I rolled it out between sheets of baking paper and had to freeze it in order to peel off the top layer of paper. After cutting I then had to scrape each piece off the paper with a knife.

End result?

Tasty but definitely not puffy. I will call them flatlets instead. The boysenberry jam I used was brilliant. I only rolled about 1/6th of the dough (the rest is frozen) and I got 7 flatlets. I think I will roll them a bit thicker next time and will make them at night when it is (slightly) cooler.

Thanks for picking the pufflets Jacque! You can find the recipe at Daisy Lane Cakes.


  1. They look great! I'm bowing out this week, just not enough time in a day :( Hope you enjoyed them!

  2. Yours the same as mine Susan, so I think we got it right. I agree with you on the dough - it was a pain to work with.

  3. Weren't they absolutely teeny tiny? I was amazed at how many cookies she said you should get! Yours look very good, even if you weren't sold on the puffy part :)

  4. I had to skip out, too. But I am anxious to see what everyone else did. Nice job.

  5. At least yours stayed sealed. You did good!

  6. Yours look great--mine were small, too, but delicious flavor!

  7. They look Puff Daddy Delicious! I think I wouldn't make them again..it was a ton of work! They tasted good but oreos taste just as good and they are easier!

  8. Mine were flat too. This is a case where a picture in the book sure would have helped.

    Anyway, they look terrific! Thanks for baking along this week :)


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