Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Kitchen Reader

Last month I stumbled across (I say stumbled but it was on Cakelaw's blog which I visit frequently) The Kitchen Readers, an online group reading their way through foodie related books. As it combines two of my great loves ie. food and books, I decided to join at once!

Unfortunately I don't have a book to review this month. Literally. Neither of the next few month's selections are available in our library system or indeed any b0okshop in the country (or so it seems) so I resorted to buying online and they haven't arrived yet.

My apologies to Jennifer and the other members!


  1. No apologies necessary!

    One thing I love about Amazon is buying books on the cheap...and some of them are even new!

    Looking forward to reading with you!

  2. Welcome to The Kitchen Readers Susan! I have the same trouble - just had a little more time than you to get the books. Fishpond and Booktopia are good local options to source the books.


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