Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Baking with Julia - Best-Ever Brownies

Best-Ever Brownies © food-baby.blogspot.com
It's no secret I fell in love with brownies through baking with Tuesdays with Dorie. Before that I thought they were chocolatey but kind of blah. So I was really keen to see how a recipe called 'Best-Ever Brownies' would compare with what I had made previously!

Whether they were amazing or not we definitely didn't need a whole batch sitting around, especially so close to Christmas, so I made 1/4 of the recipe in a mini loaf tin. My altered recipe is below.

The taste test ...

While I wouldn't say it's the best ever, it was pretty good! I overcooked my little brownie but the very middle was perfect - fudgy and gooey and just divine with a dollop of double cream. The ends were a little drier but still in a good dense chocolate cake kind of way. My photo in no way does it justice but at 8pm under fluorescent light that's the best I'm going to get!

Best-Ever Mini Brownie

1/3 cup plain flour
pinch salt
60g unsalted butter
45g dark chocolate
1/2 cup sugar
1/2 ts vanilla extract
1 large egg   

Follow the method as per Baking with Julia p 331. Bake in a mini loaf pan at 180 degrees celsius for approx 16 minutes until firm around the edges and squoodgy in the middle. I gave mine 20 minutes and it was overdone so a few minutes less ie. 16 mins should be pretty close.

Our host this week is Monica of A Beautiful Mess so make sure you check out the original recipe!


  1. I wish that I had thought to cut back on this recipe.
    I agree that these were good, but perhaps not my best ever :-)

  2. Great idea to make a smaller batch. But I don't mind eating brownies for a day or two. These were yummy, a hit.

  3. These were good keepers. They were not my best-ever but they were pretty good.

  4. I scaled mine back to half... didn't want to have them staring at me all week! :) Love your mini brownie!

  5. I made mine into 60 mini-brownies using a mini-muffin tin and they also turned out wonderfully! Good recipe! Blessings, Catherine www.praycookblog.com

  6. Great take on these brownies. They were so good, but I agree, Best Ever needs to really be best ever. And don't you hate losing the daylight window?

  7. Like you, most of the time, we cut the recipes into much smaller portions, but this was one exception. The temptation of chocolate ruled. We loved the brownies.

  8. I love your mini version! Very cute!
    I made the full size and my husband and kids had eaten them all by the next day and complained about why I had made such a small amount!

  9. Mini batch is a good idea so you can always make more fresh brownies whenever you want. It gets dark so early here in Vancouver now. Definitely a challenge when taking food pictures at night.

  10. Great idea having a mini batch. Love the recipe

  11. It almost looks like a chocolate bread loaf - chocolatety goodness!

  12. My kids would love this mini brownies recipe! Thanks for this, mate. :)

  13. I made these for the Secret Recipe Club posting. They were so gooey and delicious. A real house pleaser!


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