Tuesday, April 2, 2013

BWJ - Rustic Potato Loaves

Rustic Potato Loaf © www.foodbabylife.com

 aka the bread that almost wasn't.

I had it in my head that this was a typical long-rest bread. Add to that I was going to have to actually cook potatoes first AND I don't even have a mixer at the moment, I was sure this was not going to happen!

But then I realised how quick it would be, and hubby cooked the potatoes for me, and I realised I could mix the dough in the breadmaker. Voila.

Rustic Potato Loaf Sliced © www.foodbabylife.com

I made half the recipe and got a really decent sized loaf. You will notice from the picture that I forgot to cook the bread seam side up so it doesn't have the same look as the book. Still, it was delicious and made the house smell like an intoxicating mix of fresh bread and hot chips. Doesn't get much better than that!

Make sure you visit our host Dawn of Simply Sweet for the recipe.


  1. It looks good, seam or no seam. I baked mine seam side down too, as that is what you would usually do.

  2. Perfect loaf! I think we all loved this one :)

  3. It still has a rustic look with that crust. Glad you enjoyed the recipe

  4. Looks beautiful and neat! My loaves definitely had that rustic look to them. ;)

  5. Your bread looks great. I like not seeing the seam. I'm thinking if I add things to the bread (like Dawn did) it might be the way to ensure everything stays in the loaf.
    This really was a great recipe....can't wait to make it again.

  6. Your loaf looks beautiful - seams are highly over rated :-)

  7. Actually, the bread maker sounds like a really good idea! Your loaf looks perfect.

  8. Great job. Your bread looks beautiful.

  9. Your bread is beautiful, regardless. It's also wonderful that this recipe is so quick from start to finish.

  10. Good idea to use the machine to mix it. Was easy. I also made just one loaf and it was plenty. Will def make again. Yours looks delicious.

  11. I totally want to make this!

  12. So pleased you did not give up and made it in the bread mixer. It looks beautifully rustic.
    It's my favourite bread so far! I've made it in 4 different variations:
    with whole wheat and flax seeds,
    whole wheat and and flax seeds and walnut/pecan,
    whole wheat and flax seeds and sunflowers
    and even made one with sourdough instead of yeast: definitely the best bread I've made so far.


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