Tuesday, May 7, 2013

BWJ - Upside Down Mini Apple Cakes

Upside Down Mini Apple Cakes © www.foodbabylife.com
So yesterday I went to the supermarket specifically to get rhubarb. I came home with bread, lemons, broccoli and a bag of spinach ... and no rhubarb. I really hope other people do things like that! There was no way I was going back there with 2 ratty kids so I made do with what I had, and that meant apples.

I made 12 little cakes using a large hole muffin tray. I put a little blob of butter in the base of each and topped it with a slice of gala apple then spooned the batter on top.

I ate 1 (ok, 2!) warm from the oven and they were absolutely divine. The creme fraiche (or greek yoghurt in my case) made for a lovely moist and slightly tangy cake which paired beautifully with the sweet apple. They may have made out of a mistake but they were a definite winner!

To see the real recipe for Fresh Rhubarb Upside Down Baby Cakes make sure you visit out host Erin of When in Doubt.


  1. Oh man, I totally do things like that...
    I was in the hardware twice yesterday to buy lightbulbs and totally didn't get them on either trip.

    Your apple version is charming.

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one! Thanks Cher :)

  2. Your cake looks great!! I love how the crème fraîche made the cake moist and tender. It's a keeper to say the least.

  3. I love the apple slice idea! So much prettier than the rhubarb! My rhubarb looks like sliced hot dogs.

  4. Ohhh that is such a pretty picture - much better than my burnt sugar rhubarb. The cake was great though!

  5. Beautiful placement of apple on top of the cake. Picture perfect. Glad you liked them.

  6. I do that too - it's always the key ingredient, of course. Your apple version looks very sophisticated. Something perfect for a dinner party.

  7. I do love it when mistakes are delicious! Your cake looks perfect. I was thinking apple would be yunmmy.

  8. What a great looking mini cake! I love the apple idea and using muffin tin. I am so trying that method next time! Great job!

  9. Adorable! The batter really was the winner of this recipe. :) And yes, I do that regularly at the grocery store. I went to TWO grocery stores the other day for that exact reason! :P

  10. Bet the addition of apples was delicious. Your picture is sure beautiful.


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