Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Perfect Ginger Cookies

Being Australian we would call these biscuits not cookies but seeing it's not my recipe, cookies it is! These really caught my eye when I saw them on Priscilla's blog. I absolutely love anything with ginger and in fact have a big mug of ginger tea first thing every morning (and not just because i'm pregnant!).

I changed the recipe slightly, using golden syrup instead of molasses and adding a little baking powder to give them some lift. I also made them smaller, getting 16 out of the mix instead of 12.

The smell of these freshly out of the oven was intoxicating ... warm, sweet and spicy. I ate 3 while they were really to hot to handle and they were fabulous broken up over vanilla ice cream or just with a cup of ginger tea.

You can find the recipe at Priscilla's Baking Adventures. Yum!


  1. Golden syrup? Everyone's been talking about this. I need to get on the bandwagon. This combined with the ginger should be so mouthwatering.

  2. hi susan! so glad you made these cookies...they look delicious. i know, whoever invented these cookies made a one of a kind cookie invention! glad you enjoyed them!

  3. i've only recently heard about golden syrup, it isn't as popular in the US. i love ginger too!


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