Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesdays with Dorie: Nutty, Chocolatey, Swirly Sour Cream Bundt Cake

This week Jennifer of Cooking for Comfort chose a recipe with possibly the longest name I've ever come across! The Nutty, Chocolatey, Swirly Sour Cream Bundt Cake. To tell the truth I was debating whether to make this or not. My thighs really don't need a chocolatey, sour cream anything at the moment. But I know N's lab mates are always up for cake so I figured I could just give it away. Unfortunately the universe/my oven didn't cooperate.

Despite the oven always cooking hotter and faster than I expect, this time... it didn't. My beautiful bundt cake with the crispy golden crust was massively underbaked. As it was cut each slice collapsed in on itself leaving a gooey, doughy centre. As you expect this made for a very sorry looking photo. See above.

But still, it was delicious! Chocolate, orange zest, cinnamon, walnuts ... it was a marriage made in heaven. It even came out the pan perfectly, something I know others were struggling with. (I used a silicone pan greased with olive oil spray in case you were wondering).

We ended up just picking at the cooked parts and throwing the rest away. Such a shame. But I'm really not sure what I could have done differently. It baked for the full 65 minutes, the top was crisp and golden, it was pulling away from the sides and a skewer came out clean. Oh well.

Thanks to Jennifer for a great pick anyway! It was really tasty and I love making bundts. Make sure you visit the other TWDers for better results and Jennifer's blog for the recipe.


  1. So sorry yours didn't turn out done all the way-I know how disappointing that can be!

    Still, your cake looks great-thank you for baking along with me!

  2. Welcome back Susan. As long as you and hubs enjoyed the cooked parts, that's the important part.

  3. Bummer that it was undercooked. Your picture makes it look fabulous anyway! :)

  4. My thighs need a break from all these goodies too. haha!! Im glad yours turned out good dispite the mishaps! I loved this recipe!

  5. How disappointing that it didn't bake correctly. Still, it looks really good in the picture. You could always try again, right?

  6. despite everything it looks fantastic!

  7. Too bad it didn't cook through - it looks great, regardless! :)

  8. sorry for the mishap. I grew up with a tricky oven so I feel your pain. even with that, it looks good.

    I loved this cake. And am so glad I made it.

  9. Mmm I've been craving a good bundt cake! Sad that it didn't turn out all the way. I just moved into a new apartment a couple months ago and have had to get used to the oven in here all over again. It's like figuring out the curve of a bowling alley lane. The first few tries are hit or miss, but you'll get the hang of it :) For what it's worth, the cake still looks delicious!


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