Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tuesdays with Dorie - Great Grains Muffins

This week I was delighted to have another muffin recipe. And even more delighted that they seem somewhat healthy. Now that Charlie is 12 weeks old I don't really have any excuses for not losing the baby weight, so these Great Grain Muffins chosen by Christine of Happy Tummy sounded perfect!

As with all muffins you simply tip the wet ingredients into the dry ingredients and stir a few times and you're done. Mine baked for the full 18 minutes and I used both prunes and dried apricots.

The taste test ...

Straight out of the oven these were amazing! Moist and flavourful, not too sweet. As for the healthy part I worked out there are 221 calories and 9.5 grams of fat per muffin*. So a little high in fat but with all the grains and dried fruit you do feel full after just one. I think they would make a great quick breakfast and I have most of the batch stashed in the freezer for just that purpose.

Thank you Christine! A great pick and definitely one I will be making again. You can find the recipe on Happy Tummy.

* I used the recipe calculator at Spark Recipes to work out the nutrition info. This is a great tool to find the fat and calories etc in everything you make from scratch. That's if you actually want to know!


  1. Yum! The inside of that muffin looks QUITE inviting. :o)

  2. Your muffin looks great. I wouldn't want to spoil it by knowing the nutritional information though.

  3. Apricots and prunes sound like a great combination. I replaced most of the butter with oil and reduced it a bit, and I thought these were great. I don't think I'm brave enough to try the calorie counter though!

  4. Looks good! It was definitely nice having a somewhat healthy recipe for a change!

  5. They look great! Congrats on your baby!

  6. To much fat for me!!! Im not waisting those calories on something that isn't very sweet..haha...I did like them but I need moe sugar!! Yours look great!

  7. Neat tool for figuring out the nutritional info! Thanks for sharing!

    Your muffins look great with the apricots!

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  9. Nice job on the calculations! I will have to try out the recipe calculator over there at Sparkpeople. Glad you liked these!

  10. Wow....yumiiiiiiiiiiii recipe very nice





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