Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Tuesdays with Dorie: Burnt Sugar Ice Cream

This week Becky of Project Domestication chose a recipe I have long been drooling over ... Burnt Sugar Ice Cream! This is pretty much caramel ice cream on steroids.

I had no real problems making this apart from letting my custard cook a little long. See I was at the crucial 'stir until it thickens' stage when I realised I hadn't converted the 180 degrees F into celsius and so had no idea what temperature I was waiting for. By the time I yelled for husband to google it my custard had reached 92.5 degrees C, a smidgen too hot, but at least there can be no complaints about raw eggs!

My only other issue was trying to take a photo without someone sticking his little fingers into it!

I topped mine with crumbled anzac biscuits for an extra sugar hit and some texture.

Thanks for a great pick Becky! You can find the recipe on Becky's blog or for much better photos than mine, check out the TWD blogroll.

In other news today is our 2nd wedding anniversary! While we're not doing anything special today (other than eating burnt sugar ice cream of course) we had a lovely night away on Sunday while Oscar stayed home with his nanna. It was our first baby-free night! Did miss the little monkey though :-)


  1. anzac biscuits!!! looks like we're thinking on the same page! that looks lovely btw.

  2. Love the ice cream babe!
    Happy anniversary :)

  3. I like the idea of crumbling cookies on top. Little fingers add to the flavor, right?

  4. this looks GOOD!

    there's some similar recipes on HealthyBabyDiet.com

    check it out!

  5. congrats on the anniversary! and the yummy ice cream.

  6. Your ice cream looks fantastic!

  7. This looks so good with the anzac biscuits crumbled on top!

  8. Happy anniversary! I bet this was great with the ANZAC biscuits!

  9. Happy 2nd Anniversary! Enjoy! Your ice cream looks great.

  10. Happy anniversary :-)

    Your ice cream looks delicious and I love your idea of crumbling biscuits on the top. Makes me wish I had some ice cream left over so I could try it!

  11. Happy 2nd Anni. I hope you have many, many more. And you should always celebrate with this ice cream. It is THAT good.

    Looks perfect.

  12. That dessert would have went perfectly with my Cinco De Mayo supper!


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