Monday, May 16, 2016

Chocolate Pecan Pie (SRC)

Wholefood Chocolate Pecan Pie - wheat free - no refined sugar - from

I've been doing a lot of baking lately but it's been all muffins, bliss balls and breads. It seems like aaaages since I've made a proper dessert - something the kids get really excited over and that seems a bit special.

As this is my first month with Group C in the Secret Recipe Club (after moving across from Group D) I thought I would celebrate and choose something sweet and out of the ordinary!

This month I was assigned The Avid Appetite by Rachel who lives in Jersey City with her husband and gorgeous daughter Penelope (the cutest name ever). I loved spending time on Rachel's blog and   apart from a love of food (obviously), found we have a quite lot in common such as loving overnight oats for breakfast to being a fan of both Castle and Gretchen Ruben!

I was really spoilt for choice when it came to selecting a recipe and there were loads that I bookmarked for later. I love the sound of her Vanilla Cinnamon Quinoa for a protein-packed breakfast, I'm intrigued by the Pumpkin Butter and my boys would go crazy for these Banana Bars with Chocolate Frosting.

It was the Chocolate Pecan Pie adapted from a Paula Deen recipe that really caught my eye though (I have a bit of a soft spot for Paula Deen after reading her autobiography a few years ago).

(Does anyone else remember 'pecan pie' scene from When Harry Met Sally?)

I was prepared to make a few changes in order to fit in with our wholefoods way of eating, and just a couple of simple switches later we had the most amazing, but not too sweet, dessert!

We LOVED this. Perfectly short pastry, sweet nutty filling with little pops of dark chocolate. What's not to love?

Try as I might though I couldn't get a clean slice. I mean, is there a trick to slicing a pecan pie neatly without all the nuts smooshing out the sides? Still the taste made up for the messiness. DELICIOUS!

Wholefood Chocolate Pecan Pie - wheat free - no refined sugar - from

Chocolate Pecan Pie
Adapted from Paula Deen via The Avid Appetite

Shortcrust Pastry (my own recipe):

300g wholemeal spelt flour
2 ts coconut sugar
160g cold butter, diced
1/3 cup cold water, approx

Place all ingredients except the water into a food processor and blitz until it forms breadcrumbs. Add the water a little at a time until the dough comes together and forms a ball. Wrap in plastic and place in the fridge to chill for 30 minutes.

Roll out the dough in between 2 sheets of baking paper, large enough to fit a 22cm tart dish. Either wrap the remainder of the dough and place in the freezer for another time or roll it flat and cut out cookies to bake at the same time as the pie. My boys love this!

Preheat the oven to 190 degrees Celsius.


2 cups pecans
3 large eggs, beaten
3 tbs melted butter, cooled
1/2 cup rice malt syrup
1 tbs molasses
1/2 cup coconut sugar
100g dark chocolate, chopped (I used Lindt 85%)

Scatter pecans over the uncooked pastry shell.

Place the eggs, butter, syrup, sugar and chocolate into a mixing bowl and whisk together until well combined. Pour the mixture over the pecans.

Place the pie onto a baking sheet and cook for 10 minutes. Lower the temperature to 180 degrees and cook for a further 25 minutes or until set.

Remove from the oven and place on a rack to cool completely.

Thanks for a great recipe Rachel! My family loved it.


  1. This pie looks awesome. I adore pecan pie so the addition of chocolate must make it even more irresistible! Nice SRC pick!

  2. I am drooling at that delicious looking pecan pie...

  3. 1. Penelope is the cutest name - totally agree. 2. The Vanilla Cinnamon Quinoa sounds amazing. 3. Even though I don't like pecan pie, everyone in the family (our big family) loves it and I do try and make it at the holidays. I will definitely have to try this one out! Happy reveal day :)

  4. A gorgeous looking pie and I love the use of wholemeal spelt flour. I use that for bread all the time, but never made a pie crust with it. I have to give it a try.

  5. It looks yummy! Welcome to Group C!

  6. Oh my goodness, this looks amazing! I love pecan pie, but since I don't eat refined sugar, anymore, I kind of forgot about it. I love this version for a special treat! perfect SRC choice!

  7. Yum! Such a beautiful pie! Glad you made it to group c with me :)

  8. I always love a good chocolate bourbon pecan pie and this is a great alternative. I would have never thought to use anything other than corn syrup, but it's great to know you can use other alternatives. Wonderful SRC post!

  9. i love this adaptation, and i totally forgot about this pie! it brings back nice memories though :) i'm glad your family enjoyed it! beautiful photos also!

  10. Your pie looks amazing! I haven't make a pecan pie in awhile and now I'm craving one. Great SRC recipe!

  11. Yum!!! sounds soo good. And rich!

  12. I'm not the biggest fan of pecan pie, but it's my husband's favorite. This recipe sounds like a much better version, I might have to try it this Thanksgiving!


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